INSTINCTS MATTER Trust your gut Know you’re not paranoid Listen to what isn’t said Understand your gut knows what you’re head hasn’t figured out Follow GoodReads Follow Destiny Inspired Consulting on Facebook Follow Destiny Inspired Consulting New to Destiny Inspired Consulting? Get Exclusive Offers  Sign up to our newsletter for free shipping, business tips, free […]

Let’s Talk: The Connection Between Journaling And Happiness

Let’s Talk: The Connection Between Journaling And Happiness Journal writing (journaling) has been shown to increase happiness, reduce stress and improve relationships. Journaling is the practice of writing or reflecting your thoughts on paper or now there are digital options. It’s about writing our ideas and perceptions of particular results, situations, and people. Journaling can […]

A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look

It’s time to write down all the things you need to do before starting your new project. Why look around for a journal when Destiny Inspired has the journal you need. Click the link for a simple purchase for a minimal investment fulfilled by Journal: Hot Pink -n- Black With a Splash of […]

The Dark Side of Perfectionism Sucks

Stop chasing perfectionism. Let’s be honest. Perfectionism is a thing, and it sucks! Of course, I know it can depend on your perspective. We need to loosen the rules a bit and accept that being imperfectly perfect is just as good. To anyone who feels like they are chasing perfection, I would tell you that […]

Confession Highlights; Walking in Power

Confessions and Walking in the Power of Your High Priest by Dr. Creflo Dollar Soooo, since I haven’t posted on my blog since late April (2020). It is quite evident that this darn COVID-19 pandemic has impacted my life in more ways than one. Between the coronavirus pandemic, racial pandemic and economic pandemic, ya girl […]

“Biden’s Road to the White House is POWERED by Black Women”

“Biden’s Road to the White House is POWERED by Black Women” Sunny Hostin – co-host on The View Dear Black Women, OUR vote matters. Speak up. Your vote counts. If you ever thought your one vote didn’t make a difference, that isn’t accurate. Let’s get to those polls in November! In the meantime, stay home […]

You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader

You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader | The Essence of Leadership I feel like I should repeat the title one more time, but I won’t. It surprises me every time I discover someone who will not exercise leadership or their voice because they don’t have a particular title. Ok, so when I […]

Twitter Marketing: Business for Social Media Data

Twitter Marketing: Business for Social Media Data Let’s chat about Twitter Marketing: Business for Social Media Data.  Recently, I shared tips for different ways business owners should utilize Instagram and digital marketing. Anyway, business owners (entrepreneurs) are beginning to understand the benefits of social media for business. Twitter discovered businesses may not be taking full […]

Need to re-ignite your spark?

Anyone else feeling blah and overwhelmed from all that is going on with this COVID-19 pandemic? I know I have felt a serious information overload. Seriously, the Coronavirus outbreak is on every channel, every media platform and has changed our way of life. There is sooo much going on. As a blogger, I found myself […]

Need a Maya Angelou Quote as a Pick-Me-Up?

Why not add Maya Angelou Quotes as a quick pick-me-up? Are you, too, feeling a bit overwhelmed or creatively stifled by the 24/7 discussions regarding this coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19)? Well, you’re NOT ALONE. Of course, I’m interested in the latest developments, data, press conferences, state and federal guidelines, etc. I’m simply feeling information overload. Gee […]