Earlier today my 15 year old daughter, Tyra Simone, had the opportunity to walk in the MarioB Presents Say it Loud 70s theme Afro Funk fashion show in Oakland, California. Wow!!

So, as a mom of one of the models, I thought today’s show was an awesome experience for Tyra. As a spectator, I was soooo impressed with the fashion from many talented local bay area designers, a host of talented models, and just a fun entertaining show.

This show took me back to the 70s for sure with all the afros, bright and colorful clothes, funky patterns, furs, and dripping in swag. Yaaassss…today’s show was fabulous.

MarioB of MarioB Productions put on a FABULOUS runway fashion show and, from what I am learning about him, fabulous shows and fashion extraordinaire MarioB go hand in hand.

Today’s show had funk, flare, and the feel good music that made me smile and wanna dance in my seat; music by James Brown and Barry White. Nothing like that old school.

So, after a long day/ weekend, this exhausted mommy had to be sure to capture the moment IN the moment.

I’m soooo proud of my lovebug, my first born Tyra Simone.


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