Divorced NO ‘MOORE’?! Let me say that ONE MO’ TIME. Divorced NO MOORE?! HOLD UP BOO BOO!! Wait a dang on minute!

Let me shed some light to the DIVORCE NO MOORE shenanigans.

Soooooo, what I think I heard my attorney say is that, my divorce WAS FINAL September 15, 2018, then a court document was filed by the “Ex-husband”, a couple hearings took place and now I’m NO LONGER DIVORCED? You cannot be serious!

Wait!! So, I’m not Bianca LaTrice Calloway, I’m still Moore as in my married name?! Huh?

Is this a prank cuz this cannot be real. Let me say this in a different way because I am confusing myself.

My divorce WAS final (once a judgment was entered) and NOW has been reversed at the REQUEST of the Ex-husband due to a ‘Request to Dismiss the Default’ document was filed around September 22, 2018??? How it that even possible? Where do they do that? What the HELL??!! #TrueStory #MyStory #MyTruth

December 5, 2018, is a day that I cannot forget. I know exactly what I was doing the moment my attorney contacted me to let me know I was NO longer divorced. She had attended a hearing for me earlier in the day with the EX and his new attorney. Basically, my attorney’s communication said something like…Well, we will need to go back the drawing board (as it pertains to my divorce that I filed for over TWO years ago.) While I still don’t know what “back to the drawing board” is going to look like, she made it clear that the Default Judgment that the court APPROVED and SIGNED on September 15, 2018 was NO MOORE. I had just left work early for an appointment and was getting on the light rail when I got the news. I literally CRIED the entire train ride. The realization set in that I am still married to that man, well at least on paper. I felt disappointed, angry, helpless, embarrassed, and just so defeated. I asked my attorney HOW could this happen? What legal standing did Sac Court have to do this?

The EX, who had not filed any responses to the court regarding the divorce petition in the entire TWO years, now decided to file court documents immediately following the Default Judgment??? Really??Who does that? Why do that? The EX claimed he hadn’t filed any responses to the divorce and related court documents because HE DIDN’T “UNDERSTAND the court documents.” Ummm, now that is FAKE NEWS because the EX makes a living “teaching and coaching” fathers, in Sacramento County and beyond, how to “maneuver” through the Family Court system. Oh yea, the EX also stated the reason for the reversal is so that he can get spousal support from me. WHAT???

Sooooo, HOLD UP, the EX (who pays ZERO child support and who only helps his children financially on occasion) wants to reserve his “right” to have ME to PAY HIM spousal support??? NO Way! The devil is a liar!

Well, regardless of his motives, that I may never wrap my mind around, I entered 2019 with ONE main question and hopefully someone reading this can help me with the answer.

My question is…


Y’all think I am being funny, but this is FOR REAL. I, Bianca LaTrice, literally feel TRAPPED in a marriage that I left in March 2016.

Seriously, how do I truly move on and open myself up to meet that special guy when, on paper, I am still someone’s wife by force???? Why would he go through such a process to FORCE ME (his estranged wife and mother of his two children) to feel TRAPPED in a marriage? Come on Lord!!

I guess I have another question…



》》NOTE: I apologize for being all over the place in writing this post BUT I had to get this OUT and not overthink it and the formatting is acting up on this post. Please bear with me and KEEP READING for content.《《

Anyway, there used to be a time when I was too prideful to share what I was experiencing. However, in the past year or so, I have started coming out of my shell because a closed mouth don’t get fed.

Let me backup just ONE SECOND. As much as I prayed for God to wake me up from this nightmare; this is my current reality. Why am I telling my story in such a public way? Thanks for asking. It’s because apparently telling it “privately” hasn’t helped me. Also, I am telling it because IT is my story to tell and NO MOORE will I continue to hide behind fear; fear of judgment, fear of retaliation, etc. No person, especially a woman/wife should have to feel TRAPPED in a relationship/marriage she ended.

Yes, I will continue to PRAY on this situation, but also FAITH WITHOUT WORKS is dead.

Let me back up ONE MOORE TIME (Intentional use of Moore – my former last name – instead of More).

Moore backstory…

Yes, I married the same dude twice after having been divorced for several years in between the first wedding date and the remarriage. Blah blah blah.


In March/April 2018, 2nd and most recent attorney filed a Motion for Default. According to Legal Zoom, is defined as , “A Motion for Default is a legal document that, in a … divorce case, allows the person who filed the divorce petition [ME] , the “petitioner,” to ask the court to grant her [My] petition when the other spouse, or respondent, has failed to file an answer in court.” You may be asking why was a default even filed to begin with? The documents were filed at the beginning of 2018, since the other party was choosing not to respond to any of the court documents he received which was, therefore, prolonging the finalization of our divorce.

Fast forward, after more delays because the court explained to my attorney that my entire file (TWO files merged into one even though one file was from the 2004 dissolution of marriage (divorce) and the 2nd was from the 2016 divorce filing.) Are you CONFUSED yet? Well join the party because this has been one big ball of confusion. Well, finally the court “located” my missing merged court file and then they finally signed off on the Motion for Default and now issued a Default Judgment. According to Wikipedia (sorry I don’t like to reference Wikipedia but provided a simple and clear definition), Default judgment is “Default judgment is a binding judgment in favor of either party based on some failure to take action by the other party. Most often, it is a judgment in favor of a plaintiff[petitioner] when the defendant[respondent] has not responded to a summons or has failed to appear before a court of law. The failure to take action is the default. The default judgment is the relief requested in the party’s original petition.”

As a final NOTE, I intentionally am NOT going back to do any proofreading or editing of this post because I want it to be raw and authentic. If I go back through this post, I may be tempted to make it pretty and it’s NOT. So, please forgive me if I am all over the place or if you see some typos. THIS STORY HAD TO BE TOLD TODAY…RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sorry not sorry.

p.s. So forgive me if I sign documents with Calloway or Moore or sometimes Calloway – Moore because right now IT’S COMPLICATED!

p.s.s. As always, please continue to keep me and my children in your prayers.

Thank you in advance.

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1 thought on “HELP ME… DIVORCED NO ‘MOORE’??!!

  1. Well, I am so sorry you have to go through all of this pain. Just remember God has a plan for your life and is preparing you for your future. Although, this situation is serious. You’re also learning and growing and getting stronger as an individual as a mother and as a Christian. Start digging deeper in Gods word. You will come out on top of all of this. God might be testing your faith. Don’t Worry about anything, but pray for everything. Forgive yourself and forgive Moore. Free your heart from the Moore bondage physically and mentally and give your heart and time 💯 to the Lord. Your divorce will be final. Don’t give the enemy any power. God is good and HE loves you and your girls. He knows what you’re going through. It’s gonna happen. Just keep the faith keep smiling and praising the Lord. Keeep doing what you’re suppose to do for the courts with praise and a smile in your heart. Be strong. I always pray for you and your girls. My spirit tells me your day is coming. Tell the enemy NO. Don’t give him the power to confuse you or disencourge you… the battle is not between flesh and blood but with principalities… this is spiritual warfare between you two. Your not fighting Moore the man. You’re fighting what posses the man. God has provided you the scriptures as your weapon against the evil doers. So fight by Studying and reading His word even more and put it in your spirit ❤️. You can’t loose with God. I promise you… praise the Lord in the good times and in the bad times. (Smile) because you are Loved. Your like a little sister to me. It’s going to be OKAY 🤗

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