When you are experiencing rough patches in life and you find yourself feeling ‘SOME TYPE OF WAY’, maybe you just need to go outside for a walk; a prayer walk. There is natural beauty that surrounds us that we often overlook. When is the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

prayer walk is an activity that consists of walking and praying at the same time. It’s done not for the physical benefit but for the spiritual exercise, either publicly functioning also as a demonstration or rally (to let other people know the group is praying), or quietly in sight of the subject. For instance, a person or group may be praying for a town or city, and walk the streets of the city while praying, either out loud, or in silence.

Earlier this week, I was at work feeling a bit BLAH. Nothing major was going on, but I could tell that I needed to shift my perspective with the few things on my mind. Like I said in a previous post, I just wasn’t feeling it; I needed some motivation. Sunshine and a 30-minute walk was all the motivation I needed. So, I put on my super cute teal Adidas tennis shoes and GOT TO STEPPIN’. Too bad I “misplaced” my FitBit because I could have tracked my steps.

Can’t you just hear the sounds from the waterfall? Location: State Capitol’s Rose Garden
(Sacramento, CA)
Such a beautiful day to sit and
BREATHE in the fresh air

I walked out the building thinking I would just walk around the block a few times, but once I got outside those doors, I started talking to my heavenly father. I started praying to thank God for the ability to walk and see the natural beauty around me. Yes, I talked to Him about the things on my mind, but then I got right back to thanking Him and praising Him for HIS grace and mercy. Anyway, my fingers are starting to type fast thinking about all I said to my Lord and Savior.

Anyway, back to my walk. The California State Capitol is located a few blocks from where I work. If I am walking with someone, I will walk around the capitol and back to work. Since I was by myself and praying, I decided to stop and SMELL THE ROSES — literally. When I was finished praying, I had to take pictures to share. Yes, I took this phone on my Samsung Galaxy. Shoutout to Android users. No disrespect to iPhone users, but I had to give my fellow Androiders some love.

Take time to smell the roses

Have you ever been to the California State Capitol and walked through the Rose Garden located on 15th and Capitol? It’s so beautiful and a wonderful place to create happy memories. People have gotten married, engaged, taken engagement and graduation photos at this beautiful location.

Psychologists studying how exercise relieves anxiety and depression suggest that a 10-minute walk may be just as good as a 45-minute workout.

A bench is located in the center of the Rose Garden

I enjoyed 10 minutes to just breathe and enjoy the sun shining on my face as I sat on a bench by the roses.

Would you do yourself a favor by doing prayer walks, especially instead of allowing stress to consume you? I am talking to myself as well. Get to steppin’.

On the walk back to work, I decided to be intentional about getting out for fresh air and a prayer walk. Do you go for prayer walks? What do you do to help improve your mood or relieve stress?

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