Is quitting really an option? Does quitting translate into failure or using wisdom? Does mental exhaustion qualify as a valid excuse to quit working towards your dreams? These are questions I’ve considered and heard of other entrepreneurs considering over the years. I guess it is safe to say, IT DEPENDS on the circumstances.

Whether you are an independent representative in multilevel marketing, a blogger, owning and operating your own a nonprofit organization or small business, sometimes the process is exhausting.  Well, that may just be my opinion, but I feel like I’m not alone. So, to encourage myself, I remind myself of the phrase ” When you feel like quitting, remember WHY you started.” It all comes back to my reasons WHY. For me, it would be why did I start a blog, a business, etc.? What is YOUR why? 

Recently, I told a friend of mine that I love writing and inspiring others through various mediums, but never want it to feel stressful or like a job. I simply desire to inspire others by blogging about life, love, transparency of struggles, and ways to dust off your shoulders to BEGIN AGAIN. Destiny Inspired Consulting is my business for providing social media / digital marketing services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Women’s empowerment events have also become an added attribute. Blah blah blah  I put a lot of pressure on myself to get things so perfect that I end up hindering my own forward movement.

Welp, before I get sidetracked on this post again, let me share a final thought. Your entrepreneurial journey may get rough from time to time; that’s normal. Instead of considering quitting as your primary solution, consider doing the following:

  • Take a mental break and back away from the daily pursuit;
  • Reach out to your business coach or inspirational mentor to discuss your feelings;
  • Write a list of the reasons make you want to quit and reasons to keep going;
  • Create a gap analysis of your goals to discover where you started and where you want to end up to identify what gaps exist;
  • Remind yourself that hard work pays off. Ask yourself if you have exhausted all possibilities;
  • Do not despise small beginnings;
  • Give yourself credit for what you have already accomplished;
  • Treat yourself to a weekend of self-care before making any longterm decisions;
  • Shift your perspective on how you look at rejection or setbacks – find the positive;
  • Keep daily prayer and positive affirmations at the beginning of each day. (My go-to is Cindy Trimm’s Entrepreneurial Prayer).

My final thought is that sometimes quitting is an option if what you are doing no longer brings you joy or if you started your goals for all the wrong reasons. Just don’t quit because the journey is a temporarily rough. Do you have a tip or two to share that could encourage someone feeling stuck or discouraged in the pursuit of their dreams?

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