Growing up, my grandpa “Papa” used to tell me, “when you’re old enough to drive, don’t let your tank get below the half mark.” He was giving me a helpful tip and throwing a little shade (sarcasm) at my grandma “GiGi” because of the “few” times she ran out of gas. GiGi was notorious for thinking she had enough gas to make it home. She knew if she made it home with little gas, then Papa would fuss but would take her car to the gas station for a fill up. While GiGi had a nice strategy, it didn’t always happen as she had planned, so Papa would have to come help out when we would be stranded. I am laughing right now thinking of how frustrated he would get. ha ha ha

I just had to add that cute childhood memory in about my Papa and GiGi because they were so wise and funny but also because Papa’s wisdom ties into the topic.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how our faith can become weak and the parallel of a car running low or out of fuel. Even when you are typically optimistic or full of mountain-moving faith most times, but life’s challenges (i.e. financial distress, divorce, workplace toxicity, sickness, etc.) still leave you feeling TAPPED OUT with an empty tank or trying to pull from a low reservoir.

It’s OK to acknowledge feeling spiritually, physically, and even emotionally exhausted without taking up residence in that feeling. That means, don’t dwell in those feelings and become paralyzed from moving towards your dreams or living life to the fullest.

Here comes the parallel!

In other words, when you have allowed yourself (car) to run extremely low or out of gas, DO NOT give up hope and sit on the side of the road. No no no! Briefly ask yourself when was your last fill up? Not when was the last time you stopped to get just enough fuel to make it to the next destination, but when was your last fill up?

Regardless of the reason you missed or ignored the warning indicators that YOU (the car) were getting empty, yet still allowed yourself to run low on your faith fuel; stuff happens! Sometimes in our spiritual walk, we are guilty of giving giving and giving again to other things and people so much that we lose track of our own maintenance (self care).

Whatever the reason is that has you empty, low on faith, or just straight up stuck, just know you are not alone. TAP into your resources and THE SOURCE to get back on this highway of life. Fill your tank and KEEP IT PUSHIN’! Are you too shame to ask for help? Don’t be shame. Ask for help. I know firsthand that asking for help isn’t always that easy, but keep the end-goal in mind, drop your pride, and ASK FOR HELP- if need be. The bottom line is, TAP into THE Source.

As a believer, my source is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is my strength, way-maker, and strength when I am weak. When my faith is TAPPED OUT, I  quickly realize that I’ve allowed myself to get below the half mark into the empty zone. It comes down to what Papa said, “Don’t let your tank get below the half mark…” Even though he was giving me practical driving tips, he had no idea he was teaching me how to avoid running out of gas in my car and faith fuel.

I can hear Dr. Phil McGraw saying,” you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” So, acknowledge you’re running low on faith or attempting to face the difficulties in life with an empty faith tank.

truck at the gas station

As a Christian woman, my faith gets weak when I am not consistently staying immersed in God’s word. What does that mean? That means, when I am not consistently readying my bible (the word of God) or filling my Sundays when events outside of going to church, my faith tank runs low. Sure, I listen to praise and worship music or motivational speeches among other things, but God’s word tells me that “faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God.” (Romans 10:17) There is NO substitute for God’s word. In the words of my teenager, “PERIODT” (not a typo on the spelling of PERIODT) lol

So, while contemporary gospel and Christian music is good, it should not substitute the need up my spiritual faith tank with anything other than the fuel of God’s word. Can I get an AMEN or nah?

What to do when your faith tank is nearly empty?

  1. Fill your faith tank with the word of God and HE will guide you on what’s next. (Even if you have to get help to get to the faith station, just GET THERE)
  2. Do the best with what you have. There are a lot of faith-based messages on media platforms like YouTube and many other podcasts. Go for a walk, put those headphones on and fill up on God’s word.

Just remember to KEEP YOUR FAITH TANK FULL or never allow your faith tank to get below the halfway mark. Cool beans?

Question for you. Like my pastor asks our congregation after he has preached the word of God, “Did you get anything out of this?” Yes, I’m asking you (the reader). What feedback do you have on this topic of running low on faith and did you get anything from this post?

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