Have you heard of the Spease Bees honey company located in Elk Grove, California? If you haven’t, allow me introduce you. If you are already familiar with this honey company then, it is likely that you’re quite pleased with their products.

I don’t recall when I came across this raw local honey, however, I’m certainly glad I did. I love to frequent the farmers market to purchase local honey. Quite frankly, I think I may have tasted this Spease Bees honey before but this time I have a whole new appreciation for this deliciousness.

My mom, daughters, and I drink a lot of reishi (ganoderma) tea and golden milk. Quick note: Golden milk is “a mix of turmeric and dairy-free milk [almond milk] along with a pinch of [black or cayenne] pepper, cinnamon and [raw honey] maple syrup. It has potent anti-inflammatory benefits and it’s great for autoimmune conditions.” As for the reishi (ganoderma), I was first introduced to the herb back in 2008 when I was an independent distributor for a “healthy coffee” multilevel marketing company; in their coffee and tea products, the herb was infused into their products.

I was excited when my sista girl (Aneatra) located a local Chinese market in Sacramento near the corner of Florin Road and 65th Street, where we this purchase the dried reishi mushroom in bulk to boil for tea.

Below, I will add a couple links to this post with hopes that you will do your own research about the amazing health benefits of both reishi (ganoderma) and golden milk (also known as turmeric milk or “liquid gold”.

Since my household enjoys local raw honey so much, I will definitely be reaching out to Spease Bees sooner than later to purchase a larger jar of honey.

For more about Spease Bees, located in Elk Grove, California, CLICK HERE to check out their website.

Helpful Resources

Check out this informational article from my FAVORITE doctor on YouTube, Dr. John Axe. CLICK HERE

Also, this 2016 article discusses the benefits of golden milk AND golden milk overnight oatmeal. CLICK HERE

Photos courtesy of Spease Bees Honey Company, Running With Spoons, and Dr. John Axe

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