What’s the story behind DG Natural Essentials?

According to their website, “…DG Natural Essentials Corporations – A family owned business. [They] were previously known as Daisy’s Girls. DG Natural Essentials is a tribute to [their] mother “Daisy Lee Jennings”. She was a phenomenal woman, the essence of the virtuous woman – the vision of natural beauty…”

My Product Review

I was blessed with three products (Virtuous Body Butter, Let’s Get Crackin’ Foot Cream, and Baby Fresh Lotion Bar) from one of the DG Natural Essential co-founders, Portia Green.

I was excited when I first learned that their products were natural with ingredients like, cocoa butter, soy bean oil, essential oils, etc. It took me about a week to try the products. The results have been positive.

At times, my skin can be a bit sensitive, so I proceeded with caution.

The foot cream and body butter have a nice light fragrance with just enough thick texture.

The body butter, like the foot cream, is Rich and creamy with light essential oil fragrances like peppermint, sweet orange, and more.

The lotion bar is not as thick and has more oil. So, if you struggle with the occasional ‘ashy ankles syndrome’, like I do, then try the lotion bar.

Sponsored Post?

This is not a sponsored paid blog post. I was blessed with these amazing natural products, so I NATURALLY had to write a product review of my wonderful experience with DG Natural Essentials.

Thank you DG Natural Essentials for blessing the world with your amazing products.

(Product photo courtesy of http://www.dgnatural.com)

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