Can I confess something to anyone who will really read this post?

Being an entrepreneur is hard as hell. No for real tho. Building a business, putting in long hours in addition to being a mom to two beauties, working my 8 to 5, having a close family where there is always something to do, being a cheer and model mom, etc etc. In the midst of it, I have this business Destiny Inspired Consulting that started as a dream and has flourished a lot in only NINE MONTHS.

That’s all well and good. Now with that said, it is sooo challenging because I LOVE doing things for my business, helping clients or working on new social media marketing or whatever. The things I do in my business are things I LOVE to do regardless of the time or day, but doing that and getting up to go to my day job IS GETTING HARDER EVERY DAY!!!

On the other hand, as a mother with two children, I HAVE TO PROVIDE FOR THEM in every way possible. That’s why, in addition to everything I mentioned, I also find time to drive for Uber Eats, PostMates, etc as an additional side hussle.

Soooooooooo, I say all that to say:

1. Being an entrepreneur has its challenges BUT will pay off;

2. I desire to provide my kids with a big pretty home and the ability to afford nice things;

3. I don’t know about you but I have to keep pictures of nice homes and other nice things in front of me so that I AM REMINDED there is purpose in my GRIND and be reminded NOT TO SETTLE for less that what I DESERVE;

4. If you are an entrepreneur or desire to be one soon, I am praying God’s blessings over you, your mind, your goals and much more.

You may get tired of juggling or managing multiple things, BUT God didn’t place that dream within you without a PURPOSE.

okie dokie??!!!

p.s. Would you KEEP ya girl in your prayers CUZ I know what God has for me, my children, and my business are right here.

Thanks for virtually listening.

Night night
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