In case you didn’t already know, I was one of the featured authors in the She Believed Volume III book anthology just released on September 28, 2019. This is the 2nd published book anthology where my writing was featured.

My chapter in the She Believed Volume III Book Anthology is titled,” Divorce Yesterday’s Pain, Marry Tomorrow’s Promise.” Writing a glimpse of my story was an emotional yet rewarding opportunity. My story discusses love, pain, disappointment, healing, and wisdom gained. The writing process forced me to push beyond the fear of judgment to unapologetically share my truth.

In the midst of my life’s challenges, I never imagined God would use my pain and disappointments for His glory. God is so faithful.

Excerpt from page. 65.

“All I know is there was purpose in my pain, and there is purpose in your pain. Lord knows there have been times I’ve asked God, “why me?” Each painful experience had me feeling ‘some type of way’ towards God. I’m just keeping it real. I was angry at God. Why would He allow me to experience such deep pain?”

Have you ever experienced emotional or physical pain that it had you wondering what you had done to deserve it? I sure did.

Sharing your story to one person can be scary, but sharing your story inside a book without having control over who reads it  is insanely scary. I am proud of myself and the other authors who allowed ourselves to be vulnerable for our own healing and potentially to help inspire the healing of others. However, this anthology is proof that myself and 10 others were unapologetic, determined, and fearless in sharing our pursuit of destiny. If we did it, so can you. 

It is my hope that you will purchase this book for yourself or someone else. You just never know how this book will bless someone else who may be experiencing challenges and cannot see beyond their pain. Reading the stories of real life women who have overcome may be just what the “doctor” ordered.

To purchase the She Believed, Volume III Book from me for $20.00 (plus $3.00 shipping), please click the Donation link below.









When you read She Believed Volume III, would you please come back to this post to share your thoughts?

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