Not sure what to post on social media? When you first create your social media business pages, it difficult to come up with fresh content to post.  You are not alone;  many other business owners, organizations, and artists are experiencing the same challenge. The average business owner, especially small business owner, is busy building their business (brand) and does not have time to create their social media and digital marketing strategies. Managing your businesses social media campaign to keep consistent engaging content for your audience on a regular basis is likely not at the top of your list. 

Basic Tip:

It is important to keep appealing content on your pages regardless of the type of business you have or if you are simply branding yourself as an artist. 

Check out our FREE 30 Days of Social Media Posting Ideas to provide you with basic and diverse content to engage your audience. Having the ability to create consistent engaging content could be the difference in establishing a new customer or follower. 

Simple Posting Ideas Include:

  • Sharing Inspirational Quotes
  • Spotlighting Other Businesses
  • Asking Relevant Questions
  • Sharing Childhood Memories
  • Hosting a Flash Sale
  • Posting a Valuable Business Tip
  • Shouting Out a Customer
  • Sharing Resources

Ready. Get Set. Here are our FREE 30 Days of Social Media Posting Ideas…



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