How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page in Less Than 10 Minutes

Facebook has billions of monthly active users which creates an amazing opportunity to reach new customers for your business. Whether you are a realtor, fashion model, business coach, or restaurant, a Facebook Business Page is highly recommended to brand or market your business, products, and services.

Many businesses are choosing to begin their social media marketing or online marketing by creating a business page on Facebook.

What is a Facebook Business page?

A Facebook Business Page serves to help people learn about your business in terms of what you do, ways to contact your business, and the location of your business. Your Facebook Business Page will have a menu on the left side that allows your customers to view information such as an about page, photos and videos, events, reviews, and posts. [Source:]

What is the difference between a Facebook Business Page and Fan Page? There is no difference; Facebook now refers to the pages as business page rather than fan page.

A frequently asked question is, “Do I need to have a personal account/profile on Facebook before creating a business page?” The answer is YES, you do need a personal Facebook account/profile.

What you need to gather get started:

  • Company logo
  • Profile picture
  • Cover photo/image (820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall)
  • Pertinent information, i.e. website link, email, phone number, business address

Simple Steps to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

  1. Visit (log into your personal account/profile)
  2. Click the CREATE option at the top
  3. Select from the CREATE A PAGE option then the BUSINESS or BRAND option
  4. Type in your PAGE NAME and select a CATEGORY from the drop-down menu
  6. Upload COVER PHOTO/IMAGE (You can skip this but hopefully you have those items ready to upload) A head shot or logo is recommended
  7. Congratulations, your business page is READY TO GO!

Once your Facebook Business page has been created, here are a few things to keep in mind before you start posting:

  • Fill in company information (hours, services, etc. including phone number (if available)
  • Add other details about your business or brand that may be helpful to others who visit your page
  • Add business email address
  • Include business hours
  • Give your page a username located underneath your profile and title
  • Add a call to action (i.e. book an appointment)
  • Get it Verified (Refer to How to Get Verified on Facebook via Hootsuite)

Are you ready to get started with your Facebook Business Page?

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