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πŸ’» IG Optimization πŸ’»

Are you optimizing your Instagram bio/profile to market your business? You’re answer should be YES, but if not then let’s get you started asap.

If someone finds you on Instagram, your profile is the first thing they notice.

Sometimes the details of your bio/profile will determine if they #follow or are interested to learn more about your services.

Your Instagram bio/profile should include the following:

βœ… Opt to switch to a business profile
βœ… Use a professional profile picture or logo
βœ… Add your business name
βœ… Select a simple username
βœ… List what you do (speaker, strategist, consultant, etc.)
βœ… Include a compelling call to action (Book Now or Call Today)
βœ… Include a URL or website link to link your audience to your website

Why wait? OPTIMIZE your bio/profile TONIGHT.

Similar steps should be taken to optimize your business Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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