perfectionism inspirational graphic. done is better than perfect.Stop chasing perfectionism.

Let’s be honest. Perfectionism is a thing, and it sucks! Of course, I know it can depend on your perspective.

We need to loosen the rules a bit and accept that being imperfectly perfect is just as good.

To anyone who feels like they are chasing perfection, I would tell you that it doesn’t exist. And it’s not worth the chase.

Perfectionism is the voice that tells you not to take chances, to play it safe, and not to dream big. It’s the voice that says, ‘There’s no room for failure here.’ That voice is wrong. Let me say that ONE MO’ TIME – that voice is wrong!

Perfectionism has never been anything other than a dream thief robbing you of happiness and life. You spend more time getting ready to take action than actually moving the needle on your goals.

Everything may take longer than you expect — be optimistic.

Whether you are writing a blog post or building your dream business, there will always be room for failure. If you want to achieve something great, you must keep pushing yourself. Stop chasing perfectionism.

Steps to Help You Kick Into Action

  • Write a list of your goals that you don’t feel you can reach in a month or a year, then strive to achieve them. (Destiny Inspired Journal on
  • Set goals that are just out of reach, and you will push yourself to be better than you thought possible.
  • Create a vision/dream board with graphics and words as your visual inspiration


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