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Tyra Simone’s LUVME Hair Reveal/Review

Thanks to my firstborn Tyra Simone @tyrasimoneee_ for hooking up tonight’s LUVME @luvmehair hair reveal. This is the type of mommy daughter stuff we do.

Check out the full video product reveal. Click the link 🎥🎥🎥

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Thank you LUVME HAIR @luvmehair ♥️♥️

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Super model Tyra Simone is ON THE MOVE!


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Angela Bassett slayed the stage on Black Girls Rock!!! 9/8/19

Angela Bassett brought that FIRE on the Black Girls Rock stage tonight. I caught most of it and had to share what I captured. This glimpse is to give you a highlight of how she empowered SISTAS all over the world.

A few highlights…

Now is not the time to stay silent. Find your purpose. Pursue it relentlessly, passionately, and loudly. Be persistent and WIN! I Love you We are all black girls who rock!

When you’re told you are not good enough…you tell them I am more than good enough.

This is me being resolute and standing firmly in my truth.

You tell them you are the descendant of royalty…. A QUEEN!

Each one, teach one. #blackgirlsrock #angelabassett #destinyinspiredconsulting #BET #reginaking

Our voices matter!

If God be for you, WHO can be against you?! NO ONE

Angela Bassett, YOU ROCK!

#ProudBlackWoman #ProudBlackMomma #BlackGirlswhoBlog #MelaninBlogger

Come thru with that black excellence! Way to empower us and not tear us down! Yaaassss

CLICK HERE FOR Angela Bassett’s Speech 9/8/19

If you missed tonight’s show, go to to check out when there will be a replay. Niecey Nash did a phenomenal job hosting tonight’s show! Melanin was poppin tonight. Black Girls Rock!





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