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Self-Care: 15 Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself

Self-Care is Vital

Self-care is more than “treating yourself.” It is showing yourself some love and recognizing that you need to take care of YOURSELF. According to Life Hacker, Self-care helps prevent burnout, reduces negative psychological and physical effects of stress and helps you refocus on what is true and important.

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work or stressed about the overdue tasks piling up at home? Well, that may be a sign that it is time for you to indulge in a big dose of self-care. Self-care is not a buzzword or a movement, it is vital to your mental and physical well-being.

Definition of Self-Care

Self-care is defined as,” the practice of taking action to preserve one’s own health or the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.” (Source:

BENEFITS of practicing self-care

  • Reduces negative effects of stress
  • Better productivity
  • Enhances self-esteem
  • Better physical health
  • Improves quality of life
  • Improves resistance to disease
  • Helps you refocus

While there are many benefits to self-care, it is one of the first things to be overlooked or “put on the back-burner” when life becomes busy. There is a long comprehensive list of self-care ideas, but many of those ideas are tips that only take a few minutes.


Here are just a few self-care ideas for you to incorporate into your busy life:

  1. Spend time outdoors
  2. Do mindfulness breathing exercises
  3. Listen to music that makes you smile
  4. Do journal writing or make a gratitude list
  5. Sip on hot herbal tea
  6. Watch funny animal videos
  7. Disconnect from social media for the day
  8. Do a crossword puzzle or mindless coloring
  9. Read the bible or positive affirmations
  10. Take a hot bubble bath

There may not be a lot of time, but MAKE TIME. It doesn’t have to cost money to take a few moments out to show yourself some love or to give yourself a mental health break. The goal is to exercise self-care before you reach the level of BURNOUT, if possible.

It is so important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. There are times when we are so busy caring for the needs of others, that we find ourselves depleted. The fact is, if you gives others EVERYTHING you have, and then you have nothing left to give yourself or anyone else. Be kind to yourself.


Don’t wait until the perfect time on the perfect day. Get started right away. Which self-care ideas are you going to put into action right away?

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Not Sure What to Post on Social Media?

Not sure what to post on social media? When you first create your social media business pages, it difficult to come up with fresh content to post.  You are not alone;  many other business owners, organizations, and artists are experiencing the same challenge. The average business owner, especially small business owner, is busy building their business (brand) and does not have time to create their social media and digital marketing strategies. Managing your businesses social media campaign to keep consistent engaging content for your audience on a regular basis is likely not at the top of your list. 

Basic Tip:

It is important to keep appealing content on your pages regardless of the type of business you have or if you are simply branding yourself as an artist. 

Check out our FREE 30 Days of Social Media Posting Ideas to provide you with basic and diverse content to engage your audience. Having the ability to create consistent engaging content could be the difference in establishing a new customer or follower. 

Simple Posting Ideas Include:

  • Sharing Inspirational Quotes
  • Spotlighting Other Businesses
  • Asking Relevant Questions
  • Sharing Childhood Memories
  • Hosting a Flash Sale
  • Posting a Valuable Business Tip
  • Shouting Out a Customer
  • Sharing Resources

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Product Review: DG Natural Essentials

What’s the story behind DG Natural Essentials?

According to their website, “…DG Natural Essentials Corporations – A family owned business. [They] were previously known as Daisy’s Girls. DG Natural Essentials is a tribute to [their] mother “Daisy Lee Jennings”. She was a phenomenal woman, the essence of the virtuous woman – the vision of natural beauty…”

My Product Review

I was blessed with three products (Virtuous Body Butter, Let’s Get Crackin’ Foot Cream, and Baby Fresh Lotion Bar) from one of the DG Natural Essential co-founders, Portia Green.

I was excited when I first learned that their products were natural with ingredients like, cocoa butter, soy bean oil, essential oils, etc. It took me about a week to try the products. The results have been positive.

At times, my skin can be a bit sensitive, so I proceeded with caution.

The foot cream and body butter have a nice light fragrance with just enough thick texture.

The body butter, like the foot cream, is Rich and creamy with light essential oil fragrances like peppermint, sweet orange, and more.

The lotion bar is not as thick and has more oil. So, if you struggle with the occasional ‘ashy ankles syndrome’, like I do, then try the lotion bar.

Sponsored Post?

This is not a sponsored paid blog post. I was blessed with these amazing natural products, so I NATURALLY had to write a product review of my wonderful experience with DG Natural Essentials.

Thank you DG Natural Essentials for blessing the world with your amazing products.

(Product photo courtesy of

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It’s My Time  to Rise  Business  Institute

It’s My Time to Rise Business Institute is a faith based empowerment platform & resource center to equip women to ‘Answer the Call of God’ to fulfill their destiny.

Their mission is to empower women by helping them create a platform for their God-given message to be heard and change lives. Through becoming a Certified Life Empowerment Coach, Becoming An Author and Launch their purpose mission-driven business.

Their vision is to reach women across the world to provide training, support, a safe space for them to cultivate and package their knowledge, expertise to get paid doing what they love & are called to do.

For more information CLICK HERE