Is your tank empty?

Growing up, my grandpa “Papa” used to tell me, “when you’re old enough to drive, don’t let your tank get below the half mark.” He was giving me a helpful tip and throwing a little shade (sarcasm) at my grandma “GiGi” because of the “few” times she ran out of gas. GiGi was notorious for […]

Black Billionaire To Pay Off Student Loan Debt Of Entire 2019 Morehouse Graduating Class — Black America Web

I’ve been praying for God to cancel my student loan debt for YEARS even though it seemed soooo far-fetched. Ohhh but Billionaire Robert Smith let God use him to bless Morehouse’s 2019 graduating class with a promise to CANCEL THEIR DEBT. Wait?!! Those blessings really do happen?! This is a sign to keep praying for […]

Be inspired to think outside the box

Have you ever received a text from your friend or penpal asking if you are “drawing inside or outside the lines?” I have received such a text. Basically, this pal was asking if I am taking my own advice like what I shared during a previous interview with host Chundria Brownlow’s podcast on the topic, […]

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