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“Biden’s Road to the White House is POWERED by Black Women”

“Biden’s Road to the White House is POWERED by Black Women”

Sunny Hostin – co-host on The View

Dear Black Women,
OUR vote matters. Speak up. Your vote counts.

If you ever thought your one vote didn’t make a difference, that isn’t accurate.

Let’s get to those polls in November!

In the meantime, stay home save lives.


What are YOUR thoughts?

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Regardless of what side of the political road you stand on, VOTE! Make your vote count.

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When my 15-year-old gets ahold of my lashes…

Check out what happens why my teenager and I get together Amateur Video Extraordinairez We get to creating. Every expert was once a beginner. Saturday Night Vibez with 2 different phones recording. Ha ha
We had fun. We had to edit Tay Tay (my 4-year-old) out cuz she wasn’t in recording attire. Lol

#MommysBabies #SaturdayNight #FamilyTime #AmatuerVideos #ForFun

It’s all about utilizing creative ways to keep my teenager off her phone. Yaaasss

Start big. Start small. JUST START!

What you didn’t see in this video is how I BUSTED OUT in crocodile tears when it really registered to me that my firstborn is almost 16 and taught herself to do lashes. Yes, I cried. That’s all. Carry on. Good night