Looking for Social Media Help?

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner who has tried, with little success, to handle your own social media while trying to manage your business? CLICK HERE to learn more about how Destiny Inspired Consulting can help you. New to Destiny Inspired Consulting? Get Exclusive Offers  Sign up to our newsletter for free shipping, […]

When my 15-year-old gets ahold of my lashes…

Check out what happens why my teenager and I get together Amateur Video Extraordinairez We get to creating. Every expert was once a beginner. Saturday Night Vibez with 2 different phones recording. Ha haWe had fun. We had to edit Tay Tay (my 4-year-old) out cuz she wasn’t in recording attire. Lol #MommysBabies #SaturdayNight #FamilyTime […]

Instagram Bio/Profile Optimization That Works

Why not like/comment and share this article? 💻 IG Optimization 💻 Are you optimizing your Instagram bio/profile to market your business? You’re answer should be YES, but if not then let’s get you started asap. If someone finds you on Instagram, your profile is the first thing they notice. Sometimes the details of your bio/profile […]

5 Social Media Graphic Design Trends You Need To Know For 2020 via Social Media Today

According to Social Media Today’s article, 5 Social Media Graphic Design Trends You Need To Know For 2020, “Graphic design trends come and go quicker than you can keep up with – but if you want to get ahead of your competitors in 2020 it’s crucial that you keep on top of the latest shifts.” […]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips

Small businesses should keep in mind the importance of digital marketing to their businesses. Check out 10 digital marketing tips that help with branding and customer communication with a cost-effective budget. ✅ Utilize Ads Manager to manage your Instagram & Facebook ads ✅ Make social media profiles stand out ✅ Create auto-responders to your email […]

Not Sure What to Post on Social Media?

Not sure what to post on social media? When you first create your social media business pages, it difficult to come up with fresh content to post.  You are not alone;  many other business owners, organizations, and artists are experiencing the same challenge. The average business owner, especially small business owner, is busy building their […]

Nothing Like a Sprinkle of Inspiration

Happy Monday! Don’t quit your day dreams! Let me say that ONE MORE TIME for those who didn’t hear me in the back of the room. DO NOT QUIT your day dreams and Don’t Settle for less. The RIGHT people will notice you and appreciate your talents, skills, and abilities at the RIGHT time. #DueSeason […]

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