Twitter Marketing: Business for Social Media Data

Let’s chat about Twitter Marketing: Business for Social Media Data.  Recently, I shared tips for different ways business owners should utilize Instagram and digital marketing. Anyway, business owners (entrepreneurs) are beginning to understand the benefits of social media for business. Twitter discovered businesses may not be taking full advantage of social media data. 

Twitter’s Newly Published Guide

Recently, Twitter published a new guide to help business leaders to put better use of the social media data that is collected by their marketing team.

As per Twitter, “…results from a recent Harris Poll, 31% of marketers believe that the public social media data collected by their team is underutilized in business decisions [and marketing campaign ads]. 

Honestly, it’s only been two years since I began to understand the importance of social media data also known as ‘insights.’ I started seeing tabs on my Pinterest and Facebook business pages, but didn’t realize how that could translate into actionable strategies. Actually, this new guide would have been PERFECT for me two years ago. Not to say, there aren’t handy tips to add to my knowledge base, but this guide is excellent for those startup businesses or those established business new to social media and digital marketing.

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Underutilized Data per Twitter

According to Twitter, “Social media data offers a wealth of insights on the business, the brand, products, and services. It can be used as input into R&D innovation, to enable the HR team to better target job candidates, or to help Legal to mitigate risk. But without a team that knows how to harness the value from it, social data will continue to sit there in your org, unused.”

Twitter’s Social Data Program Elements

To better provide guidance to business leaders to elevate their current social data programs, Twitter is looking at social data programs in 5 sections.


Within each guide section, there are helpful to improve “strategic efforts” and transition your “social program from tactical to strategic.”

  • Leadership

  • IT-know how

  • Data expertise

  • Education, evangelism, and advocacy

  • Social media knowledge

Twitter states, “Social data has the power to do so much more than enhance marketing’s work. It offers the insights needed on your customers and target audiences to drive better decisions in every department. Use these five must-haves as guides to becoming a strategic social data champion at your organization. “

Twitter eBook

Twitter’s Business Leaders’s Guide is detailed, yet not too techy. You don’t have to be a social media genius to understand their guide. The resource will be helpful for business owners, social media strategist or marketing teams. 

For your copy of Twitter’s Business Leader Guide, click HERE.


Social media is one way for businesses to upgrade marketing approaches. Understanding social data utilization will help elevate social programs.

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